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 Maintenance Services

      Oil Changes

To ensure a long lasting engine, changing your vehicles Engine Oil and Filter on schedule is a necessity. You should inspect your oil level every 500 miles or three months whichever comes first.  You should replace your Oil & Filter at the first 500 miles and then every 4000 miles thereafter.

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​       ​  Factory Maintenance

As you ride, general components of the ignition, intake, emissions and fuel system wear out, which can hinder proper engine performance. Tune ups, are part of your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance and prevent damage to the engine. They keep it running smoothly and help maintain good gas mileage.

       Battery Service

Owners should expect to replace the battery every one to two years. If your motorcycle will not start, do not “jump” the battery with a high capacity jumper box or off of another vehicle.  Doing so can cause serious damage to the motorcycles main electrical controller boxes. We offer installation of replacement batteries if needed.


Our technicians will inspect, replace, and balance your tires as needed. We will determine the correct size and kind of tire you need for the bike and type of riding you do. You should inspect your tires every 2000 miles. Missouri requires 2/32" minimum tread depth.